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Well let me first say hello~

Well i got my first mazda 2 days ago. 2003 mazda6i.
i had a beemer but i sold it because it has problems after 80k miles lol so i thought i get a car my age (19) hahah.
i have extra money from my beemer so i was wondering what stuff i can do to my car o_O

Well first off its 03 mazda 6i (silver)
18' hangook racing tires with rims
has 2000w amp w/ kicker.

Im trying to get a skylark body on it and some engine work. o_O
any recommendations?

!!! please help !!! [: if you can put the site where i can buy the parts as well. i looked around and i have a 3k budget after buying the body.
Thank you!
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well depends. My friend has a garage and a turbo is in the back of my head. how much would they beeeee??

why didnt you just get a speed 6 then???? they're only like 2k more than the "i", and your going to pay that much on the turbo kit!!!! if forced inducution is truly a consideration i'd take the car back and just get a speed 6!
btw i also got my mazda on Saturday . its an 03 6i mt -my first car <3.
hahaha well the reason i got it was because my friend sold it to me CHEAPPPPP. 30k miles with warrenty and i got it for 5k. So i mean it was a steal. its a 6i MT :] i save wayy more money puttin turbo in anyways haha
Whoa that was a major deal! My mom took me out to learn driving stick today, and let me tell ya- its a hell of a lot harder that forza 3.
BUT, I woldnt be so sure about saving money. The kit is going to be around 2k plus at least 500 for installation. Then you have to ad tuning and software and internals (oh my) and bla bla bla. That will put you close to 10k on a vehicle that might blow up in your face. You should got with the speed and your life would be a lot easier!
1 - 2 of 9 Posts
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