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Well let me first say hello~

Well i got my first mazda 2 days ago. 2003 mazda6i.
i had a beemer but i sold it because it has problems after 80k miles lol so i thought i get a car my age (19) hahah.
i have extra money from my beemer so i was wondering what stuff i can do to my car o_O

Well first off its 03 mazda 6i (silver)
18' hangook racing tires with rims
has 2000w amp w/ kicker.

Im trying to get a skylark body on it and some engine work. o_O
any recommendations?

!!! please help !!! [: if you can put the site where i can buy the parts as well. i looked around and i have a 3k budget after buying the body.
Thank you!
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WTF is a Skylark body?

If your car isn't already lowered, that should be your first mod. Engine mods on the 6i and 6s don't make that much of a difference as far as peak HP number go, unless you have the means to do a turbo upgrade. If not, the basics should do you fine, intake will make your shifts smoother and the car will drive better, and you'll pick up a few ponies. A header won't to much except make the car sound like shit. A nice catback won't give you any power gains either but will completely change the look and presence of the vehicle.

The RPM Store is a great site to order from, you can find most of your needs there. Good luck with the 6! Post up some pics man!
No a bad looking kit, make sure you have it fitted properly though otherwise it will look like shit. Have fun repairing that fiberglass every year or so, sooner if you're lowered.

There are a few turbo options available for the 6i, but I've heard they companies are pretty shady when it comes to actually shipping out the turbo kits (a friend of mine waited almost a year and got nothing).

I'm not really a 6i guy, but off the top of my head I think Hiboost makes a kit and I know F2 did make a kit (but IDK if they're still in business). IDK much about it though I'll wait for someone else to chime in about that.
1 - 2 of 9 Posts
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