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Hi Guys,
I am a new member, currently looking to buy a used Mazda6 (2014-2017, preferably with AT).
What should I look for, and what to avoid?

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Welcome to the forum!

Fortunately, these cars have been pretty rock solid for most of us.

Most common things those years have seen are:

- The paint is extremely thin and prone to chips.
- Warping Rotors (Just about all of us had this happen eventually)
- Loud Wind noise on highways (There's a TSB for this)
- Fuel Canister overflow (There's a recall for this)
- Crappy OEM Tires (Dunflops)
- For 2016+ the darker rim color peels pretty horribly.

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You failed to display location, so hard to say if rust or ash (to treat icy roads) would be an issue.
#1 History on car. Look for signs of body work. Always look for left or right pull when breaking. (Alignment off)
#2 Mileage.
#3 Modifications. If 2017, has the radio been software upgraded (wish mine was)
#4 Condition.
Most 6's are automatic. A stick is actually harder to find. Options depend on taste and budget. I have a 2017 T, and love the Backup warning system. Miss HUD, but apparently, some would rather not have it.
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