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New MazdaSpeed6 Owner

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This is my first car in a long time that wasn't a DSM. I picked up a 06 MS6 GT in the Titanium Gray II Metallic color. Went all out for the Navagation system as well. It was a dealer demo with 4800 miles on it so they took the first big hit on it. :D

being a DSM guy this isn't on my list for overly fast out of the box, but it's so comfortable and handles extremely better than I thought it would.

I'm pumped and can't wait to start the modding process!

BTW, I'm in the Twin Cites are of MN.
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Welcome, if the MS6 is not a fast out of the box car then I dont know what is, but to each his own. Have fun on the forum.
Yeah I'm with Fatboy on this one, the MS6 is fairly quick for a stock vehicle...stock (please note the emphasis on the word stock) DSM vehicles are not that fast. However the mod potential on those is practicaly infinite.

Anyway welcome to the Mazda6 community and congrats on the new car!
Hello all. We got our Speed6 (Black-dealer demo, nav, moonroof), 2 weeks ago.

Glad to meet some other "sleepers"
The Speed6 is a high13/low14 sec car stock. The only DSM car I can think of thats faster in stock form is the EVO. But I have a feeling you're referring to the 1st/2nd generation Eclipse which in stock form could not touch a Speed6.
Congrats again! Good that you found your way to this board. I've found it to be the most active 6 board around.
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