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New here and to 2004 mazda6

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I’m looking at buying a 04 Mazda6 with 160k miles. The issue is the car starts and idles but when you push on the gas to quick it dies. It will move if you push the gas really slow. It sounds like fuel issue to me but I’m not a mechanic. I haven’t looked at the vehicle yet but he wants $700 which seems to be a good price.I guess my question is what does this sound like to you? Is this a common problem? Is it a Fuel pump? Air idle control valve? Just thought id ask. Thanks
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I don’t knowyet but he did say the check engine light is on. I’m suppose to go look at it on sat.
Bring a scanner with you to check it out. CEL will tell you what's' involved. It doesn't sound like a horrible problem, those manifest as bad noises, smoke, etc.
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