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Hello, i thought i'd introduce myself to everyone.

My name is Nik and i love Mazdas. i own two. two of the best to own imho:p and i track them regularly. my 99 miata is fairly stock but has been upgrades where neccesary. the speed 6 on the other hand is another story.

i've been a member on the other forums for quite some time and figured i'd join up here and learn a little, and even share what i know.

I just installed a speedline grille yesterday and wanted to thank those that posted pics and helpful info on how to get the stock grille off. it was very helpful and much appreciated.

Me and wife just had a little girl we named Cadence, and will soon be in the market for an additional vehicle with more than two seats. i'm thinking maybe a 3, hatch or sedan, or another 6, possibly even a rx-8, and were actually considering the ultimate in gas mileage a new 2010 mazda 2. either way its gonna be a mazda, and i'm gonna modify it. i just cant help myself:lol:

So heres to love for all things Mazda, CHEERS!!!!!
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