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I am new here but have been reading along in the forums for a while.
I have a silver 2005 Mazda6 Sport with the 2006 face lift got it a few years ago. And I love it. It is a really nice car and the Bose sound system is also great.
The Mazda6 replaced an old Ford Sierra GT from 1993 it got to expensive to keep repairing it. It ate heads for breakfast. Miss the RWD though. :(
But up until now the Mazda has not been to bad in repair bills. I can recall a new pump for the gas tank, some parts for the forward ball joint and a wheel bearing. Not too bad all in all.
Recently I have replaced the rotors and brake pads in the front. This resulted in me needing a new brake caliper and I have some questions regarding this that I will post in another forum.
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