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Hey all,

NEPOC (New England Protege Owners Club) is planning another event. This time it is a meet/fun run around cape cod. We did this once before and as we so often do, invited all our mazda bretheren to join us. We had a group of rx8s and a group of proteges last time, so hopefully we can add a few more models ot the mix this time around.

The meet is May 7th and our group will leave from the parking lot along the canal by the bourne bridge around 9-9:30AM.

A new NEPOC member is planning the route this time and he is a cape native so the route will be different than last time and probably better :). There are a few stops planned along the way including pirates cove for some mini golf.....check the following thread on the protege forums for all the details as well as to sign up if you plan on coming. Info is right now scattered throughout the thread but within 24 hours the first post will contain all the details.

hope to see you all then!
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