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Trying to make this post as simple and painless as possible...

2005 Mazda 6i Hatch

In need of new rotors (fronts and backs)
Already purchased OEM thermoquiet brake pads for the whole car.
Just need to decide on rotors.

Originally wanted to get cross drilled + slotted --- read on this forum that cross drilled is actually bad
for the rotors and decreases performance and is only for aesthetic looks. + 1 for that sticky creator..

So I have also read that the recommended alternative is slotted or vented. I gather vented is more
efficient than slotted (correct me if im wrong.)

Was looking on therpm store for some rotors and they are kinda pricey.

As said, will probably just go with vented or slotted (I dont want the OEM look anymore.)

Could you guys post some links as to where I can get the (slotted or vented) rotors online
essentially for less than the price listed on therpm store??

Please and thank you. I need to decide on some replacements fast, ive been driving dangerously
with some old and crappy rotors.

Thank you!

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Any replacement rotors are going to be vented in front, solid in rear, just like stock.

You're using a street compound pad that works in a heat range below what's needed on a road course, the one place where slotting could conceivably make any difference. Blank rotors would be more pad-friendly, and be able to be turned (if that's more cost-effective for you in the future).

If you want a cosmetic upgrade, get the "premium" blank rotors from a brand like Centric with pre-painted non-swept surfaces to keep surface rust from forming (from RockAuto or any parts store), or get some high-temp rattle cans and do it youself with new blank rotors. Either way is a going to be cheaper than anyone's slotted rotors.
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