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guys im a general wrench turner but when it comes to eletrical i am in need of help.

We just had to do a repair to our 2010 mazda swapping out the dmaged passenger door with one from a donor car.

Hooked up all the electrical and we were good to go. everything worked fine, mirros , courtesy lights windowsn locks and speakers

few days later the stereo which is the Bose sound system radio with the display screen and Sat radio went on the fritz. Power and all functions work but no sound from speakers. We could here static(popping) from the system even when the radio was turned off. I need some advice on troubleshhhotting to see of the issue is
a) the radio
b) the amp
c) some other gremlin in the car

I should note i have dounble checked the wiring harness to the replacement door and everything is in tact and working (no shorts/grounds etc. the audio fuse (30 amp) is in tact.

any advice would be greatly appreciated
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