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Need help removing EBrake Boot on my MS6

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Hey all.
Working with Redline goods to have a custom Ebrake boot and top for the center armrest made. Problem is that I am not sure how to remove these items, and multiple searches yielded no answers. I am trying to remove the plastic molded piece that covers the metal between the handle and trim. I would also like to remove the handle for customization as well. I had no troulbe removing the trim peices, but it looks like the cover went on before the handle. I tried "unscrewing" the e brake handle, but it wouldn't budge.

Anyone done this?

Incidently once I get these pieces off, and shipped to Redline, they will be used as templates to make the custom peices that will then be available for sale to anyone, in just about any color configuration. I just received a black shift boot with white piping and the quality is top notch.

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are you trying to remove the 'grip' or the leather-wrapped part from the plastic boot? If so, im almost certain the prib is a part of the boot and cant be removed. to get the whole thing off the e-brake, you have to take the cupholder trim peice off of the center console. best way to do this is find a place to grip it like the hole for the e-brake and just pull up. it has clips along the sides that will let loose. once you have the cupholder out, engauge the e-brake. once it is engagued, grip the handle and pull it towards the front of the car. it should slip off. it is basically just a sleeve that covers the actual metal e-brake handle.
Thanks for the info.
I had the cup holder off and saw that the leather handle covering the metal and the plastic molded boot were two pcs. I do not know if the 6 and speed 6 are the same. I will try and pull on the brake handle and see if it comes off, then the boot should slide right off.
Pulled on that bitch for awhile, no luck - it won't budge.
Anyone have any other ideas or experience?
the boot and the handle are the same peice.
OK, thanks.
So just pull on the handle near the ebrake relase button and they should both come off?
maybe this will help you visualize what im saying. its kinda difficult to describe if you dont already know what im talking about. i am 99.99 percent certain it will be the same in the mazdaspeed6 as the regular mazda6. you may see the boot flexing as it begins to push foward. dont worry it is a very flexible rubbery plastic and wont break. its sort of a male-female kinda thing. the grip and boot assemply being the female, and the release button and the actual metal handle inside the boot and grip being the male part.


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Thanks, that does help a lot. I never would have thought about that.
You even managed to get a picture that matches the interior of my!
Seriously though, thanks a ton.
were you able to get it taken off?
were you able to get it taken off?
Strating to think you are f#cking with :swearin: I pulled for a while, and while I succeded in bending it out of shape it didn't come off. It really looked like it was getting caught up on the brake handle. Maybe I will give it another try tomorrow.
well i dont know. thats how mine works. it looks like the boot is bending out of shape, but it goes back.
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