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need help on hu replacement idea for MS6

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I'm stealing an idea from a post that said a shop in California created some sort of Can Bus out of the stock bose hu by cannibalizing parts and I'm guessing did some sort of soder-job for the harnes kit. i don't know how it was done and no details or pics were ever posted. Before I go out and ruin my bose to duplicate this on my own, are there any electrical gurus out there that might have an idea of how this was done?

For a little background: I contacted Metra and there's no hope insite for a dash kit. I emailed Scosche about their radilo replacement interfaces that they pushed at SEMA, aka HU can bus, and recieved "Currently there are no plans to develop a dash kit for this vehicle. We appreciate your feedback." Peripheral Electronics still hasn't responded to a similar inquiry. Unfortunately I'm in Ohio and it isn't the center for custom Fab; all the local shops are useless. I even called a few big shops in southern Cali and was told that they had already successfully put in a new hu without side-effect on the environmental controls but refused to share how; I even offered to fedex the bose for them to cannibalize, with me doing all the install as long as I had that bridge piece and they could even name their price. No shop was willing.

Any suggestions would be great.

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