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I posted this hear for 2 reasons, the first being I made a stupid (noob) move the second being I think the newbie section gets a lot of hits.

I just bought a CPE MAFci it came off a 2004 and the instructions are for a 2004. I tried installing it last night after I emailed CPE and they told me to "look at the directions and go from there" I assumed he was telling me in a nice way to just follow the directions. Well I got done and started the car and it idles very rough, rpms bounce between about 700-1100, just up and down up and down. WHen I was wiring it up and used the numbers provided in the instructions to locate the wires to tap into but the colors were different on all of them.

Thats a little background what I need help with is could somebody either scan and email their 2005 instructions to me or even just write out what wires tap into where on the 2005. I am assuming I am having problems due to the difference in wires on the ECU.

Also The directions I have say take the VAM off the stock airbox and attach it to the heat shield however it never says anything about it. Do i plug in the electronics to it? Where do the hose that is connected to it go? I have read to put a screw in the end of it, is that really what to do?

Thanks so much in advance for anything you can help me with. I have a golf scramble today but I am hoping to fix the car tonight. VERY latest tomorrow. I HAVE TO HAVE MY CAR BACK BY MONDAY!!!

ALso I have emailed CPE a 2nd time, but I am worried because its the weekend.
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