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Hello everyone,

As I'm sure everyone with the navigation system is aware, the built-in safety lock feature is about the biggest complaint. Not getting into details since you'll most likely only be reading this if you have the same complaint.

I wanted to give everyone a quick update since I've been following along with the discussion for a few months now.

Sparing you reading through the discussion boards, this is the most prevalent information I've found:

  • TomTom was told by Mazda to include this function.
  • Mazda representatives are fully aware of the problem but cannot supply many more details.
  • Mazda Recognizes that this is a growing concern for owners, and is "working on a solution."
  • The solution was (supposedly) to have come out the end of June (obviously not).
  • A small claims court case was filed (and later dismissed) about a solution for the voice control, NOT the Safety lock on the Keyboard.
  • Update 10.817 is the latest release from TomTom, but a few have claimed to be on 10.867 - no fix yet.
  • Mazda Does not seem too concerned with fixing this problem at the moment.

A couple of the more helpful TomTom discussion threads:

Latest regarding Mazda NB-1 Safety Lock - TomTom Discussions

Mazda3 NB1 - how-to disable the Safety Lock functi... - TomTom Discussions

UPDATE - 5/6/2013
A small claims case against Mazda Motors of America, Inc. had been filed in California and will be dismissed without prejudice (Can be filed again) after receiving a call from Mazda which stated that a software fix was in the works by TomTom to correct the voice input during stop and go traffic. The estimated delivery date was June 2013, but was not guaranteed. This fix is only expected to address the voice input issue and does not address the keyboard input issue when the vehicle is in motion.
I created this thread to urge people who are sick of this annoying feature to call Mazda and express their concern. The general feedback from callers is that Mazda is very helpful and nice when called, and they're aware of the problem - but the more people we get to complain, the more likely Mazda will have to look into it.

Should you wish to add your voice, I would suggest calling Mazda US support at (800) 222-5500 (Option 6).

In addition, you can call TomTom. They will merely explain that they can not change the feature, however, the will pass the concern on to the development team.

Update 10.817 is the latest update and TomTom released the following information about it:

Version 10.817
(Mazda Navigation System NB1)
  • In some cases while driving backwards, the car-symbol pointed in the wrong direction.
  • In a very few cases during startup, a 'stopping voice control' message was spoken but voice control remained on.
  • In some cases, the navigation system did not connect with the HeadUnit/Radio.
  • Pressing the back-button on the 'commander' could display the wrong screen.
  • Where a road was reported closed by a traffic information source, the system might not have correctly recalculated a route avoiding the roadblock.
  • You can now access the main menu using a dedicated button on the screen.
  • When pressing the NAV button on the HeadUnit/Radio, you now go to the main navigation screen.
  • In the background of the Speech Recognition screen, you can now easily read the most important commands.
  • For POI selection, POI in city has become POI in a city to make it clear that you must first enter a city name.

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yesterday my car started giving " stopping voice control" message referred to in the above post. it happened twice. the first time after the message only the rear speakers worked and the volume button only changed the nav volume. today the radio station changed itself while I was parked. I'll have to do the update and hope it fixes things.
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