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Does anyone know where I can purchase an up to date Navtech DVD for europe?
Mine is 2002 and lots of new roads are not shown.
Navtech want to charge over £250. I have tried Ebay but I don't know if the DVD's on sale will be compatable to my system.
Can anyone help??

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My car was delivered in June 2003 with a 2002 disk. I contacted Mazda and they sent a 2003 disk.

The 2003 disk did not have any road changes after 2002 so I called Navteq and they said that the disks are 6 to 12 months out of date when they are released. I figured that I was still owed a disk so I searched the file sharing networks.

Early this year (2006) I found the 2004/2005 disk that someone had shared and it worked fine. Now I finally have a disk that is as new as the car. I've continued searching but I haven't seen any update from Navteq. What disk are people receiving with their new Mazda6's? Is it possible that the nav system hardware was updated at the same time as the 2005 facelift?
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