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Navigation System

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I have a 2017 Mazda6....bought an SD card from for $30 and it's working well but it's not in color. From what I've read, any SD card you buy is not updateable unless you use the "toolbox", which works intermittently. My question is, can I buy a Garmin navigation system and mount it on the dash and just not use the factory display? From what I've read the Garmin maps system can be updated as needed and costs a whole lost less than an SD card from the dealership ($400) or (who do offer the latest map update for $130) ? Thoughts?
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You can use Waze or Google maps. I don't like Garmin if it's an additional device that I'll put on the dashboard, it "breaks" the OEM look.

If you prefer that a map is being displayed in front of you, and a phone is too small for you, you can consider updating the infotainment system for Android Auto and CarPlay.

If you want to have some customized applications, like installing offline maps, YouTube, etc., change the head unit.

Everything I've said can be done with your phone, of course, but it seems like you don't want to use your phone.

In my case, I just listen to the directions from Waze. I don't have a phone mount and I got used to it.

And you mentioned that Google maps led you in the wrong direction. Well, getting lost is nothing new for me and I'm used with it.
I've just never heard of a Windows phone!
I've seen one but I never had the chance to use one. I think it's called Windows CE. And I think Nokia is making a comeback but I don't know if it's using Windows.

This reminds me of my Nokia 3210. It was a big upgrade to the Motorola we had, which was as big as an ice shaver.
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