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Name this Mazda!

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Hello all,

I have been looking to get my car tinted recently and I notice one of they're promo photos includes this super fresh Gen 2 6. I thought i've seen him/her on the forums before. If not it was worth a try, plus I'd like to meet up with them sometime and shoot the sh*t! Anyway thanks for listening!

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fuggit maybe I'll make a splitter for mine and throw a bigcountrylabs wing on it. I'm 54% kidding

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Do it!!!!!!!!
I'd have to put a big sticker on the wing that says "YUP IT'S RICE"
IMO the big wang fad is popular amongst RWD cars, especially drifters.
Yeah obviously lol. That's why I'm reluctant to even think about putting one on mine, but who knows... depends how bored I get
1 - 4 of 18 Posts
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