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Hello all you wonderful people. I am a new Mazda 6 owner. I found it for $900!. It was a good deal even though it has a transmission issue. From what I see this seems fairly common. I will give the run down and then see what everyone believe my odds may be.

So I got a 2004 Mazda 6 wagon. It's got like 176,000 miles (battery is dead arm can't check exact). When we for it the old said it has a transmission sensor issue. Said it doesn't want to shift past second, so no 3rd 4th or 5th. When I test drove it it actually shifted itself automatically to third.

Had a Mazda dealer look they can back with the transmission needs replaced. I mentioned the PCM they said it could be but Mazda retired those so they are harder to get for them.

After further research I see more often it seems that dealers will always say the higher price repair on this issue. Yet most people find it is the TCM or something relatively cheaper and easier to fix.

Any input or possibilities, what to start checking, how to test certain things would help! I am not mechanically inclined exactly but I am trying to fox what I can here. Also any other vehicles that may have compatible parts.

I am located on Central Oregon near Lapine if any one is near by let me know! Ain't she a beauty!?! And even if it is transmission the rest of the engine is solid, and I did find a pick and pull that has one for $250-300, not terrible.

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