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My car won't start

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i had planned to take my car to the dealer. i thought i would drop into my office to check few things before i went to the dealer.
when i was done at the office, i tried to start my car and it doesn't start. everythins was normal. all the lights are on as usual while turning the ignition. when i turn the ignition on i hear a click (not really sure thouh) all the meters in the dashboard max out and return to normal.
this being said, long time ago a similar kinda thing happened. the car didn't allow me to start. i took out the key and then i tried again and everything was fine but i think it was the security thing with the mazda keys.
could it be something to do with the alternator or anything or is it the key security thing again ?
need help urgently
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Dead battery or blown fuse. Check your fuses, and then if they all turn out try getting a jump to see if it will start.
ok thanks. will do that. a friend looked at it and suggested the same thing.
usually a battery if the gauge needles do the back and forth trick.
i was able to jump start the car. now the dealer says that mazda would prorates the charge for the battery from the day the car was delivered and that the bgattery is covered for only 36 months and mazda would cover only 15% and i would have to pay 85% which comes about 75$.
at first they also said i had to pay for the rental. i told them that i had been to the same dealer and they had given me a rental everytime i was there no questions asked & mazda would take care. looks like the management & the people at the dealer were all replaced.
is it true with the warranty for the battery thing ? if not what should i do to let them know that this should be covered under warranty.
i just took a look at the warranty and under the limited warranty section it says Original Equipment Battery Months in service 48 and Prorate through 48th month.
You can get a new battery from Advance or AZ for about $60 installed in about 5 minutes. Who has time to mess with a dealer for a battery.... :headscrat:
your lucky, i replaced my battery for no reason at all.

it was just a loose bolt in the fuse box on the main fuse line... lol :)
Tell teh dealer to go screw themselves for that kinda money you can get a very good battery somewhere else...
If your car is warrantied by mazda, they should cover (up to 3 days according to my dealer tech advisor, and more if dealer regional manager approves) the loaner.
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