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I've had my Speed6 about a month and the first mod I did was install the Audio Link iPod unit from Donny at RPM. I originally ran it to the cupholder, but had a bad habit of looking down at it to read the display. I wanted to put it somewhere that I could quickly glance at without having to be distracted from driving fun.

I wanted to do something that was totally stealth for both aesthetic and security reasons. With just a little bit of work with some aviation snips to accomodate the connector, I was able to fit an iPod Nano Dock completely into the ashtray. From there, the rest was easy.

Here's the final product:

I still have a little bit of work cleaning up the snipped plastic but that shouldn't take very long. Here's the dock by itself (just resting):

Here's the dock tucked away:

And here's the ashtray fully closed:

Using a different iPod would require more extensive cutting to the ashtray. A standard dock would need the back of the ashtray compartment drilled out with big enough holes to accommodate the connectors. This also will not work with an Ice Link. The iPod docks divert the audio out from the dock connector to a stereo mini jack. It is still audio out, not headphone, but it does not come through the dock connector. The Audio Link has both live at the same time. By plugging in the dock connector I get full control from the stereo and the steering wheel and the audio from the mini jack is exactly the same quality as it is from the dock connector.
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