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a short review i sent to people on my honda list they had some questions so there's alil technical into the review:

First off it's a much larger car then i'm used to it is 3243 lbs. in manual base model. pretty light and nimble for in it's class. it took alil getting used to from driving a lightened civic. i did not opt for the sports package. so i have the michelin energy 205-60-16 tires on it and they are horrible. you can feel the sidewalls rolling over in a decent turn in. but the suspension handles real well minus the tires. in the v6 model it is 10:0:1 compression and it is a ford duratec tarus 3.0 litre block. with a completely done up 24v dohc mazda head. only thing ford is the block.

the car has gobs of torque downlow and about 4400 variable valve timing kicks in. it makes 220 hp at its 6300 rpm redline. 192 ft lb at 5000rpm... where i shift is right about 6700-6800 and it just pulls. fastest i've had it upto was 110 on my way to texas. vehicle also has traction control...abs...and climate's rumored to be speed govered at 120 mph. but i hadn't confrimed this yet. my valentine 1 went haywire when i was doing 110 :)

shifter is top notch. much like a honda. it's smooth and not notchy at all shifts are short and crisp. mine will recieve some suspension tweaks this summer and some 18" ssr comps as well as a bodykit and other goodies. my ONLY girpe about this car is the audio. how it's built in and intergrated into the dash. i've got about $3000 into a system laying on my floor waiting to go in. shouldn't be a problem to figgure out where to put the headunit. but we'll figgure something out. am very happy with my purchase...
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