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ok guys here's the scoop, everyone knows that there was only a certain amount of MS6's made. Its not Official that we have Build Numbers like the MSP's do. With that said ive done some investigating along with the help of my cousin (hes a cop) and that investigation has led me to think that we indeed do have specific Build Numbers, although it was never made public.

so heres the format for the responses in this thread, help me figure out if its true!!!! 80% confident that we do have BN's

post em up!!

Last 6 digits of your VIN -- Your Serial or Production Number
Last 5 digits of your VIN -- Your Build Number -- Specific to the MS6's
Build Date-- can be found on the inside of your drivers door jam, theres a sticker where it lists your gross vehicle weight, upper left hand corner

As of 6/26/2010 All information will be posted in this Spread Sheet - Thank you Jenn and Carter for putting this together.

Breaking Down your VIN Number -- A big thank you to boost2dms6 for this information

Make/Model: (Digits 1-3) This breaks out the vehicle's make, model, and manufacturer.
Vehicle Features: (Digits 4-8) These digits identify the various features of the specific model — trim specifications, driveline options, etc.
Verifying #: (Digit 9) Determined through a complex mathematical formula that relates to the other numbers in the VIN; used to verify that the VIN itself is not fake.
Model Year: (Digit 10) Represents the vehicle's model year, which is not to be confused with the year it was sold or delivered.
Assembly Plant: (Digit 11) An internal digit that shows where the car was built.
Sequence Of Model Production: (Digits 12-17) These digits indicate the order in which the vehicle left the assembly line. This is effectively the Production Number
MS6 Specific Build Number: (Digits 13-17) These Digits are effectivly your Build Number and are unique to the MS6's

Using an autotrader VIN I figured out:

JM1GG12L171109207 09207
JM1 is obviously Japanese Mazda
GG12L are the features
1 is the check # and using this site VIN Calculator it verifys that this VIN is indeed real
7 is the production year which is 2007
1 is the assembly plant
109207 would be in fact our Production Number
09207 would be your specific MS6 Build Number

It has been confirmed by a Mazda Rep that the MS6's do have specific build numbers..

im not sure what section this should be posted in on this forum so i posted it in here, if it has to be moved thats fine just PM me and let me know which section it shouldve been placed in. This is my first post on this forum :D..

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