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Mrs is a new Speed 6 Owner

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Hey guys, just purchased a brand new Velocity Red Speed 6 with all the bells and whistles. The car is crazy fast, too bad i get to drive it on the weekends. Mrs uses it for driving to work and picking up our son. Well worth the money and the optional extras.

Guys now is a good time to buy as they are getting rid of the 06 models in Canada for the new 07 which are identical. I ended up paying dealer invoice for mine and i got them to throw in 2 oil changes and some winter mats in for free.

My question is has anyone put the Mazda 3 GT 17inch rims on a Mazda Speed 6. I have spoke to some of the dealers and they say it should fit, but before i buy them off someone i wanted to know if anyone else had tried to fit them. I know 16inch will not fit b/c of the break calipers.

i think the offset is for speed 6 is 55mm and for Mazda 3 GT is 52.5mm.?
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