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Well, after much reading about the MP3 player and owing one for about 10 months now, I am still confused and dont know how to get my MP# player to read the ID3 tags.

There are two things I can change or maybe more to get ID3 tags displayed,

1. Change the panel which has the Audio Circuit board - I have to buy this from a country that reads the ID3 tags. Maybe from the US.
2. Change the Headunit and get one from US where the ID3 tags read.
3. Change the MP3 player. Well, I learnt that people who have the ID3 tags being read also have the same player as mine Pioneer CDS-4077. so changing the player wont make much of a difference.

My biggest problem is I dont have so much money to shell to actually find out whether it is the headunit I need to replace or is it just the panel.

Here the dealers just sell cars, technically, MP3 is just an feature in the car. When I said ID3 tags....... They almost chocked.....

Someone, please help me if you had a similar problem and have fixed it.


maybe a technical expert can explain what components are involved in displaying the ID3 tags. This will help me change the exact parts.


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I have the same problem since they day I bought my 6 with the pioneer mp3 player, March 27 2004.
Its pretty strange that till today they havent release any firmware update to change that problem.

We pay a lot and it was the only option and its not working properly. :swearin:

Anyone that knows something please help. :tear:
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