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hey guys

i currently live in the newark nj area and am moving to california in 3 months. i have no idea what im goin to do with all this furniture and its cheaper to sell it than to ship it! im open to offers for every item i have. this is honeslty stricktly for the nj and ny people since you would have to come pick this stuff up. nothing im selling is over a year old and is in excellent condiation. but fell free to ask me any questions.

sofa bed $150
sofa chair $100
peir 1 chair $50
kitchen table and chair set $100
apex 35" television $150
apex 25" television $100
jvc sterio $100

like i said everythign was bougth last year from a furniture store
except the tv's circute city of course

my email is [email protected]
email me for any additional pics, to make an offer, or for more info

sofa chair


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