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Today, Swedens largest morning paper tested the 6. I have here translated the article for you guys (phew!!!)

Finally, Mazda is on the right track with its new model "6". It has pleasant shapes and is much nicer to drive than the 626.

Cheers for Mazda's new six! (headline)

Let's take the most important first, a short description of this car's comfort and driving abilities. The new Mazda 6 is as big a lift for Mazda as the new Mondeo was for Ford or the new 9-3 for Saab.

After an entire day's driving on different kind of roads, a feeling takes place that you usually only experience in european cars. The chairs are ergonomically designed and gives good support even for tall drivers, the instrumentation has been improved and the old "plastic feel" has been removed, the body has been refined and now delivers a great portion of driving joy and an excellent steering response. The interior is surprisingly spacious and best of all: the price has not rushed to the stars.

Mazda's good years in Sweden was in the late eighties. The middle class 626 was with its rich equipment, its fairly low price and high reliability a favourite on the market. Including all models Mazda sold 24000 cars in Sweden 1988. Last year the number was 3000. The entire nineties was one long down-hill of falling volumes and decreasing market shares. Mazda was not in any unique position, most of the japanese manufacturers experienced the same thing. Not only in Sweden, but in the entire western Europe.

It didn't help that Mazda managed to maintain a high and even quality. The models 626 and 323 both were at the top of a series of external quality controls. The cars hadn't only few faults according to swedish car test centre and the insurance companies, but the owners were also very pleased both with their cars and with the dealers/workshops. But that wasn't enough.

The main explanation to this was too poor design. Japanese cars from the nineties all seemed made in the same mould.

For this reason, it's pleasing to see that Mazda now dared challenge this with the new 6. It's lines are more distinct and daring. The biggest step forward is what has happened inside the car. The instrumentation design is of a german class, elegant and with excellent finish.

The new 6 is bigger in every way. It's eight cm longer, seven cm wider than the 626. The distance between the wheel pairs have increased with 6 cm at the same time as the wheels have been moved away from the centre, giving a rock steady drive at the same time as the interior has been given more space.

According to Mazda, the 6 has nothing in common with the 626, nor with Ford Mondeo despite that Mazda nowadays is controlled by Ford.

Even the engines are new.

This is a dazzling new car. Including all safety equipment, it is also even cheaper than its predecessor.

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Originally posted by Labtec

            Good read, man I can't wait until this car hits the states![/b]
Hmm, we already have all the versions in Europe, and when do you get it? 2003, '04?? HAHA :)


Ps. It's definetly worth waiting ;)
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