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More Money, More Problems

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I've owned my 6s for 3 years now and since I've had it I've had no serious problems with it, but some minor ones and eye sores thanks to the previous owner. I've been away at college for almost two years now and banked some cash along the way in hopes of buying a new car soon. But it was not until recently while I was away that a bunch of things went wrong at once and my dad had to bring my car in to get the oil pan gasket replaced, new battery, brakes rotated, etc etc. While it was at the shop we think someone backed into it because the front bumper was cracked more than usual and the guy offered to "touch up the scuffs" for free. Now it has turned into "we can probably get you that full body kit, painted, and installed for a big discount." Which really makes me think something happened, but it's also made me want to keep the car. It was an impulse buy when I was 16 because it looked cool, but since I've gotten into the German Car scene with some of my friends I always wanted to sell the 6s and make some VAG my first project car. But with the recent events and talk of a discounted body kit and paint job I think the 6s will finally be my first project car.

So far the mods done to the car by the previous owner include:
K&N 2.75" Typhoon CAI
Unknown CBE
VIS Racing Cyber Body Kit (Half-Assed and Cracked)
Cut Stock Springs :angry:

Now that I have some money I'm thinking of replacing some of these mods and doing them right, as well as doing some of my own. Starting with some springs or coilovers.

But the one thing I have no knowledge of for my car is the choices for Engine Management could anyone point me in the best direction?

And I'll be sure to keep this updated as it gets moving.

Here's some pictures of the car now

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good stuff, glad you decided to do up the 6. engine management holla at me. search the forum for "powermod engine management"

thats availible thru me.

shit, just released you cut ur springs. how long have you had them like that?
I didn't cut my springs, the previous idiot, I mean owner, did. I'm thinking of going with Tein Coilovers because I figure if I'm going to do suspension I'm going to do it right and go all the way.

As for the ECU stuff, I don't know where that is on my "to-do list" yet, but I'll make sure I come to you when it's time.
The veilside is fresh, but I don't have that kind of cash lol. I think the VIS Cyber I have on right now would look good if it was done right, it's aggressive, not TOO ricey, and it fits the PIAA fogs that were installed by the previous owner. I'll look into the BC's I just know Tein is a "big name" but as I found out while doing research for VW's/Audi's that the big names aren't always the best.

And The Great NY I'm only about a 30 minute drive from Poughkeepsie maybe when I get the ball rolling I can take a ride up. Probably going to wait for warmer weather when I get back from school in May.
1 - 3 of 6 Posts
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