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Hi I'm new to the Mazda 6 but I am seriously considering it for my next car. However as a broke college student, I most likely have to get a used one. I am interested in the 5door version but I am willing to look as back as 2003. How do I find out which years even offer the hatch version? Is there a list somewhere where I can find the trim and features depending on model year? I was hoping the wiki here would work but it appears to be down :p

Also, as it would be my first time buying, I was wondering when dealers resell used cars, are you able to customize the features like you would on a new car?

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In 2003, the 6 came in 2 different body styles; the 4 door sedan, and the "sport wagon".

In 2004, they added the 5 door sedan to the lineup.

All body styles had the I and S models. The I model had a 2.3L 160hp I4 engine, while the S model had the 3.0L 220hp V6 engine.

As far as options, I think Mazda had a bunch of things clustered into packages, and I have no idea what these packages included, or what they were called.
However, I know most of the INDIVIDUAL options;
-Alloy wheels
-Power driver's seat. Passenger's seat doesn't have this option... Which sucks.
-Power moonroof
-"Ground effects" kit (tiny lip kit)
-Leather (duh)
-Bose system (I've heard it sucks)
-Navigation (I think)
-Fog lights integrated INTO the headlights. (The 6 had a total of 5 bulbs in the headlamp. Low beam, turn signal, fog light, high beam, parking light (above the highbeam)). If the car doesn't have the integrated fogs, then Mazda would just put a plastic cap where the bulb should go.
-Lower bumper fogs. -- I don't think you can get both the integrated AND lower fogs, it's either/or. For looks, I'd go with the lower bumper fogs.
-Shock-Sensing alarm
-Remote start

These are all the options I can remember at the moment. I'm sure other people will join in with anything else.

However, I don't know how big your budget is at the moment, but, I've heard that the 06's are going CHEAP. Like, $17,000 to get an I sedan w/ rims and such.
If anything, you can use this as leverage when you're negotiating a price for a used 6.

Hope I helped.

PS- I think you could add options to the car, but I'd suggest you don't. We have a bunch of sponsors on these forums that'll get you OEM parts for CHEAP as hell. My fogs cost me $143 @ Showcase Mazda. My dealer quoted a helluva lot more.
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As far as paint colors go, you only have a choice of what they have on the lot. Say you want a Lapis Blue 5door S, and the dealer has a Performance White 5door S w/ all the options you want, you'd either have to settle for white, or get an aftermarket paint job :)
2006 had a "facelift" of the front bumper, which means that the air dam (grille on the bottom), fog lights, and upper grille are different sizes (I think). The 06 radio is different, IMO, it doesn't look stock (it's black, while the rest of the center console has a silvery-aluminum color). 06 took out the center cup holder lid. 06 has different rims. I believe they introduced a new beige/tan & black interior. I've heard that the 06 cloth is of a better quality than the older models, however, I have yet to see it in person. The rear bumper also had a "facelift", and they came out with different taillight options. I believe you can get 'em in black or in red..

I have an 03 I sedan in Performance White, w/ a tan interior... DON'T go for tan, it's a bitch and a half to keep clean. I had a BLACK fleece blanket in the backseat for like 20 mins, and now there's lint all over..

PS- Incomp beat me to this reply lol <_<
Let us know what you get, and don't forget;

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