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Hi I'm new to the Mazda 6 but I am seriously considering it for my next car. However as a broke college student, I most likely have to get a used one. I am interested in the 5door version but I am willing to look as back as 2003. How do I find out which years even offer the hatch version? Is there a list somewhere where I can find the trim and features depending on model year? I was hoping the wiki here would work but it appears to be down :p

Also, as it would be my first time buying, I was wondering when dealers resell used cars, are you able to customize the features like you would on a new car?

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Definetly go with the newer model years as they are more likely to have less problems, many members have reported problems with thier 03 and 04 models, and repairs can be costly. plus i think the newer models look better. :p
awesome. what are the significant changes between the 04 and 06 lineups?
Well, between the 2006 and 2005 models, the 2006 is a more refined look to the 6 if you get the sports model, the 05 model is alittle more sportier, and the 06 is more modern basically, the back and side skirts are about the same, but with the 05, you have much more bodykit options than the 06, The dash kit in the 06 looks way better though, and improved cloth seats and design, check out pics of the other members cars to make your choice, this is a big one, I chose the 06 model, just because I wanted a new car that I know no one else is driven before, and im spoiled rotten. :p
I think i've exhausted my questions. I really appreciate your patience, esp Incomp and Angel120 for coming back here more than once. haha mazda owners sure are nice :) Thanks for the replies everyone!
Hehe, yea, np, just make sure you make the right decision before jumping in, and show pics of your ride once you get it! :p Most mazda owners are nice....Im not so sure about a few of them though, just be sure once you get your ride, you post any "newbie" questions in the designated section. I've learned to do that the hard way. :p
1 - 3 of 19 Posts
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