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Hi I'm new to the Mazda 6 but I am seriously considering it for my next car. However as a broke college student, I most likely have to get a used one. I am interested in the 5door version but I am willing to look as back as 2003. How do I find out which years even offer the hatch version? Is there a list somewhere where I can find the trim and features depending on model year? I was hoping the wiki here would work but it appears to be down :p

Also, as it would be my first time buying, I was wondering when dealers resell used cars, are you able to customize the features like you would on a new car?

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I assume when you are refering to the 1.8T A4, it is not a very fast car but IMO has a very nice ride and a beautiful interior (I love the Audi interiors :p) However I can tell you if maintanence cost is a concern then you should be weary of the Audi and even lookinto going for an extended waranty if you want a used one. They are prone to having tough problems such as oil leaks and drive issues and they are EXTREEMLY costly to fix as well as notoriously dificult to work on without the proper audi tools. An audi mechanic once told me his tool set looks like something that an alien spacecraft would be equiped with.

If you are going with the I4 MZ6 then as I have read in multiple post on here the MTX version gives a more entertaining ride. (course in my opinion MTX is always better)
I think i've exhausted my questions. I really appreciate your patience, esp Incomp and Angel120 for coming back here more than once. haha mazda owners sure are nice :) Thanks for the replies everyone!
no problem

don't forget that the 06 added the nice option of the turbocharged, direct injection, AWD model :D
1 - 2 of 19 Posts
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