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Yea so with all my problems that i have had with the car i do believe this one is the worsest. Well lets start with a list of all the problems that happened to my car in the 45,000 miles.

-Driver seat went bad .. yes top and bottom and i am 6 foot tall and weigh 175 lbs
-Trans went bad .. really hard shift from 1-2 had to take in 3 different times with the CEL on to get them to fix it.
- CEL on for at least 20k miles that they kept on clearing just to get me out the door
- Drivers side heated seat switch
- Cd player not reading cd's Still havent fixed it
- Rear subwoofer magnet fell off!
- AC compressor bolt stripped
- AC condenser
- Drivers window clunk
- pass rear window clunk
- about 4 plastic pannels the dealer messed up replaced
- CV joints
- lower ball joints
- missing plastic cover over the entire engine bay
- the inside trunk handle fell out 4 times beeing replaced twice
- Missing connectors on the inside of car all over the place from not beeing taken appart coorectly
- 2 different Oil leaks
- Oil pressure sensor
- Sunroof Seal replaced twice
- AT light came on and was just cleared again Trans problem
- Rear struts that hold up the trunk were replaced
- sunvisor keeps on falling was replaced.
- PRNDL light went out

So this should be most of it but there are some nit-pickey stuff on there but i know there is more. This is the worst thing and the dealer denyed ever doing this to my car. but it is removed and i brought it in and they say it is ok to have it missing. now i just might be off base but if i take the car in with some thing i should get the car back with it or am i wrong.

OK just to make it clear there is a pice of the subframe missing from my car and the dealer wont even call me back and neither will mazda. i do believe there waiting for my car to be out of waranty and have me pay to get this fixed. NO THANKS! so i am asking for advice other than a laywer.

Please see the pictures and you will see what i am talking about. ALso if this fits into a better catorgy please move it! also please excuse my english and my spelling as i really cant see right now due to allergies.


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he is correct i just got back into town and i finaly got the service manager to meet with me but i do think i will get soome trubble in getting them to replace it. oh well what can you do next step is Laywer i guess.
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