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Originally posted by Bucho

            I went to two dealerships just to talk and look.  I went to Livonia autoplex on plymouth road/merriman and recieved the best service I have ever gotten from any dealership.  I then went to Cook dealership at halstead/grand river and noone even bothered to look up to me.  When I come to buying one in 6 months or so, I'm definately going to the Livonia Autoplex.[/b]

Here is my Livonia autoplex story...

On December 10th 2002, I called Livonia Autoplex to see what they had on hand for the six. I knew I was going to buy one, just wanted to test drive one. I spoke with a sales rep named Wendy, who was more than happy to give me information over the phone, and wait for me to get there to show me the different options it has to offer. Her information didn't seem correct to begin with, for example the first question I asked her was; "Can you get 0% financing on the six?" She said "Yes, you can get 0% on anything you want these days" Then later on had no recollection of saying this and looked at me like I was a liar. She seemed like a great salesperson who had a lot of enthusiasm about this car. I ended up putting down a deposit and ordering the car that evening. She promised that the car would be ordered the next day when their Mazda rep was in. She stated that her sales manager was new and didn't know how to place a custom order, they were going to use my order as a training order for the Mazda rep to show the sales manager how to special order a car. I thought, this is great there is no way my order will get screwed up with the Mazda rep ordering it. Little did I know...

About 1 month passed, and I had no heard anything from the dealership. This is not usually a problem since the order was supposed to take 10-12 weeks. I decided to call Wendy just to check the status of my order, make sure everything is still going ok with it. When I got to the secretary at the dealership she informed me that Wendy no longer works there, but she is sure my car is still on order. I asked to speak to another sales rep anyway just to make sure. The sales rep answered and said that he would call me back when he was able to get more info. I waited til the next day, and still no call. I called back to the dealership, and asked to speak with the sales manager. The sales manager got on and said "What do you want?" then laughed about it. I explained the situation and he said that he would check on it and call me back tomorrow when the Mazda rep was there to check on the order. I waited til 3:30pm the next day, and still no call, so I called him. He said, "I am sitting right here with the Mazda rep, and will call you back in an hour." I waited til 5:30pm, and still no call. I called him and he said "Can't get the car man." He tried to explain to me that Mazda doesn't take special orders for new cars, it is basically a request, and if they don't have the car on hand they decline your order. Which is total BS!! He said give him til the end of the month, and he will try to get a dealer transfer. I angrily told him that I don't have time to wait, my lease on my current vehicle is up soon. He said "At least give me til the end of the week then." Having nothing else to say, I said fine and hung up.

The next day I went into the dealership to talk to him in person, and to most likely get my deposti back. He said "No problem, we can refund that to you" signed the depsoti receipt, and pointed me to the cashier.

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