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Are you sure... I can't find it on the website. Can you provide a link to that?

If you fill out the what fits my car and add a radio it asks you if you want to buy the kit as well. I spoke with a customer service rep through the online chat and they provided me with the part number.

04/23/2006 04:13:15PM Session Started with Agent (Stephen)
04/23/2006 04:13:17PM Agent (Stephen): "Welcome to Crutchfield Sales Online Chat. How may I help today with your product selections and purchases?"
04/23/2006 04:14:09PM me: "I have a question about buying a stereo for my car. I have a 2004 Mazda 6. When I find radios I want it says it fits my car. Do you provide the kit for free?"
04/23/2006 04:14:35PM Agent (Stephen): "For decks $129.99 and up, yes, on most vehicles. Let me check the Mazda."
04/23/2006 04:14:54PM me: "yes because my model car is not a normal kit"
04/23/2006 04:14:57PM Agent (Stephen): "hatchback, wagon or sedan?"
04/23/2006 04:15:08PM me: "sedan"
04/23/2006 04:15:52PM Agent (Stephen): "Did the vehicle come with the factory Bose sound system? or not?"
04/23/2006 04:15:59PM me: "yes"
04/23/2006 04:16:43PM Agent (Stephen): "For this vehicle, it's not a free item. It is #120997503 and it is a complete OEM integration adapter kit."
04/23/2006 04:16:56PM Agent (Stephen): "It includes a replacement dash panel and installation kit, and a wiring harness. You will need to remove the climate controls from your factory dash panel and attach them to the new dash panel. Both electronic and manual climate controls work with this"
04/23/2006 04:17:31PM me: "i tried searching for it and it did not come up"
04/23/2006 04:17:41PM me: "what is the price and do you have them in stock"
04/23/2006 04:17:48PM Agent (Stephen): "It may not be on our site yet."
04/23/2006 04:18:27PM Agent (Stephen): "It's not."
04/23/2006 04:18:36PM Agent (Stephen): "But it is $129.99 and in stock."
04/23/2006 04:19:00PM me: "ok thanks. will I need a wiring kit as well?"
04/23/2006 04:19:08PM Agent (Stephen): "When you put in your vehicle info, choose your deck, and add it to your cart to check-out, our system automatically offers it to you."
04/23/2006 04:19:33PM me: "ok thanks for your help. have a good day."
04/23/2006 04:19:37PM Agent (Stephen): "No need for a separate wiring kit. It includes a replacement dash panel and installation kit, and a wiring harness."
04/23/2006 04:19:42PM Agent (Stephen): "Please mention my name -- STEPHEN -- in Special Messages as you place your online order. The "Special Messages" section is one of the last pages you come to as you finish your ordering. Thanks."
04/23/2006 04:19:51PM me: "great thanks"

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Or you can just call them and give them the part number. I don't know why why don't show the item online. It's not like it's free or even discounted if you purchase a radio with it. Circuit City still wants like $300 for this. crazyness.

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I've seen that too. When you look for a headunit and go through the car selector process, look for the installation details. From there, you will find the "Mazda 6 kit" which is $129.99. This includes the metra kit and accesories.
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