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Megan-Racing Coilovers 2004 m6s v6 sedan

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SOLD!!! Megan-Racing Coilovers 2004 m6s v6 sedan SOLD!!

Sold my mazda6
Had these on my car for about 18,XXX miles, all commuter miles no track days.
Replaced Front passenger-side shock under warranty. (0 miles)
Replacment shocks can be purchased from megan for 120.00 IIRC.
Everything else still in good working condition.

At least 2in drop. in the front and at least 1.75" rears Riding on 17"s

Rear Driver side shock has some blemishing due to it coming loose during a road trip. Couldn't fix it till i got home.

More photos
For Sale - a set on Flickr

Link to manufacturer's page
Megan Racing

No Trades.
Sold-as-is Warranty expired.
lmk if you have any questions.
thanks for looking

my zip - 95127
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So as they stand now they are in great working condition? Nothing needs to be replaced? I may be interested.
Hey man, can you give me a nice estimate on the size box you'd ship these in? I'm trying to figure out shipping.
1 - 3 of 13 Posts