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Meets near Ft. Lauderdale/Miami area???

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Does anyone know of any meets that go on around this area. Ive just recently got into the whole car customization and id really like to connect with some people who also do the same thing.
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hey, there is this crew im part of you should check out, we have weekly metings and epic meets once in a while, we do dynos, go out to eat ect

Check facebook page, SFLA mazda crew, also the website SFLA Mazda Crew, but we mostly use fb for events and everything. We are a good comunity and we all into cars. Nice to see another 6 owner close by :p
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Ha thats soon as i posted this i found the crew your talking about. I saw the FB page and the kind of new to all this but im very interested in meeting other Mazda enthusiast. So im def going to try to see what its all about
yea we have members all over the south, and we do weekly meetings, we have an upcoming dyno day and auto x event. Info can be found on the fb page, hope u like it
damn, i havent chilled with you guys in a whileeeeeee
I saw a blue 6 like 2 meetings ago but I believe it wasnt you lol, come out bro, we doing weekly meets
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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