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details are as follows copied and pasted from GA section:

so, who's coming? just post up and i'll add you to the list...and please, if you can...bring guess we'll be grilling? i don't know...that's what we usually, if you can bring something, let me know.

We have rented a shelter in case it holds 50 people and there is parking for 30 cars. If you'd like to contribute to the cost, please do...we'd REALLY appreciate it.

...and it's usually $2-3 for the parking bring some $1's...hell, if you bring enough, luke will perform his "pole" dance.

the "list"

1. Blitzd + wife
2. Topher + wife - drinks
3. theDrizzle + gf - whatever we need
4. Luke the sexy pole dancer.
5. Prodigy - chips & crack...maybe meth...he's working on it.
6. NeoTurner
7. Velocifero - maybe - w/ friends
8. RacerXGirl - $20 for pole dancing - big salad
9. Sampson
10. Jessica
11. Phil maybe w/ friends
12. Carlos
13. the vw guy
14. Phil
15. Ryan (from another forum) + more cars
16. Adam (from another forum)

Things we need.
i guess we'll grill out like we always hamburgers/hotdogs/buns/charcoal...jami and i will grab some drinks...if you have any special requests, let one of us know. prodigy is bringing just let me know what you can bring...and if you'd like, you could just bring some $$ to help pay for everything...we could probably send someone out to pick-up what we don't have.

From ATL - Take I-85 South to I-185 South (it splits south of newnan). Take the Hwy 27 Exit off I-185...go LEFT. you'll be on this a few miles...go through pine mountain...past callaway gardens. once you pass callaway, you'll go under a railroad bridge and up a hill...about a mile up the hill, the callaway country store will be on your right and a parking lot will be on your left. we'll meet in that parking lot.

From Columbus - Take Veteran's Pkwy north out of town. the country store is about 3 miles outside of Hamilton. Can't miss it.

Most of the ATL people are meeting up at the Varsity and riding down together. They plan on getting there @ 11:00...if you plan on coming, post up and i'll let them know to keep an eye out for you...or you can post up at's the link:


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Way too short time frame for me to come, I'd go, but I have a paper due monday :(
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