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***This is for Signup ONLY! General Info and BS thread can be seen here!

Sylvan Lake Park
(Use with this address for the overnighters)
Driving Directions to the Park

January 20, 2007

ALL meet/show vehicles will be parked in the reserved Palooza section of the park. All general population visitors must park in the dedicated areas.

Get there early! Complimentary lunch is for Palooza attendees only, not general public. The first 150 attendees to the event will receive a voucher for the FREE lunch. Limit two lunch vouchers per car. Only vehicles entering the Palooza Reserved section of the park will receive lunch vouchers. Lunch will begin at 11am. Lunch is approx. $5 (Price still to be determined).

There are 3 grills at the park as well, anyone is also welcome to bring your own food and supplies and use one of the grills.

Sahlens Hot Dogs
BBQ Pulled Pork
BBQ Pulled Chicken
Hush Puppies
French Fries
Water and Soda

3 Pavilions
Volleyball Court
Playground for the kids

For those not familiar with Palooza Events, it is free and open to everyone! Mazda, Honda, Acura, Nissan, Toyota, and Even domestics. However only "meet" vehicles are admitted into the reserved Palooza section. Every car that enters the Palooza gate will be numbered and eligible for an award. General population parking has its own dedicated parking area. This is for vehicles such as Vans, trucks, rust buckets, etc.

We will have plans Friday and Saturday night for those interested.

Judging is 100% PEOPLE'S CHOICE! Everyone who comes to the show will be able to vote for the top 3 favorite cars. There will be no official judges, but any of the Palooza Event Staff can help.

We will have the following awards:

Best of WinterPalooza (Peoples Choice)
2nd Place Peoples Choice
3rd Place Peoples Choice
4th Place Peoples Choice
5th Place Peoples Choice
6th Place Peoples Choice
7th Place Peoples Choice
8th Place Peoples Choice
9th Place Peoples Choice
10th Place Peoples Choice

Best Interior
Best Engine
Lowest Tread (Its tradition)
Furthest Distance Driven (Furthest drive wins)

Any questions, please ask one of us or email [email protected]
1) RaiderMS3- MS3 GT
2) Jeg0024 Protege
3) Freshrubber MX-6
4) Tengoestetempo Protege5
5) ChefChris Protege5
6) Traitorhound Protege5
7) Cullen MS6
8) StevEVO EVO
9) Bigj884 Protege5
10) Ghost 350Z
11) StreetUnit Mike
12) 6-4U2NV MS3 GT
13) Sexyms6 MS6
14) Alejo_NIN MSP
15) P5_2_Envy Protege5
16) Sandspeed MSP
17) GMalastrasi Protege5
18) Redd78 Mazda3S GT
19) jomoyo069
20) Velocityred6 MS6
21) PRican_Angel VW GTI
22) Russ and his Friggin Jetta GLI
23) Alwaysbrokenmx6 MX-6
24) Turboslimm MS6
25) Mazpro Protege
26) StuttersC Mazda6
27) Perro del Sol -From Ohio!
28) ultimateforce MSP or the Miata
29) Wiggum MS6
30) Scott Honda S2000
31) wizno MS3 GT
32) evilmonkeyMSP (and Wifey) MSP
33) 13bturbomx5- rotary powered MX5!
34) kandela+ RX7
35) sotoracing Protege5
36) sotoracingirl07 protege
37) Prosport Gauges
38) LC - MZ3 Hatch
39) TengosCousinLancer Mitsu Lancer
40) 3 Stripes MS3 Sport
41) MrKA-T 240
42) JOMO protege5
43) SergMSP MSP
44) mazdaspeed2oo35
45) avarela86
46) JetBlackSkye 240 SX
47) Lasermp5 protege5
48) Richard RSP mp3
49) Negatize
50) gen1pro MS6
51) WarmPepsi EVO
52) [email protected]
53) leatherface25 Turbo miata
54) Divinity Car Club Fort Lauderdale
55) JRafert - Mazda6
56) 350Z Club Members
57) OBTIQ RX-8
58) RX8Honey RX-8
59) Mantis RX-8
60) Tim Allen RX-8
61) Skezzer RX-8
62) Scott RX-8
63) otis RX-8
64) JojosRX8 RX-8
65) precisi0n84 RX-8
66) rhawb RX-8
67) eatsomerice RX-8
68) kpbjls1 Rx7
69) crzywolve Protege
70) Gator CX-7 CX7
71) AndewW. MS6
72) lambert eht RX-8
73) Dshiznit1489 RX-8
74) Palkalocka RX-8
75) Morgan RX-8
76) Pinhy RX-8
77) LivinLrge RX-8
78) ozracin 6
79) racerboy777 Mazda3
80) justanothradikt Protege
81) b005td MSMiata
82) ElliotRamona-87 FC3S
83) mz3-Mazda 3 (hatch)
84) baconbitz msp al la spicy
85) Slush Box Ford Explorer
86) The Professor Mx6/Rx8
87) Rogue
88) RacerXGirl
89) Haydee MX-5
90) DSM Convert Speed6
91) 3DogDepot Miata
92) Mr. Boost MS6
93) Caseb4 MSP
94) drkdelfi- RX-8 & 1970 Firebird!
95) atlantakid RX-8

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I have already signed up for this, should be a nice little event! ( Perro del Sol)
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