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Touring kit A for OOOOO of specifications

1. Exterior part
* Front bumper face
* Front bumper face kit OOOOOOO attachment)
Front bumper face of OOOOOO; and one formation. The design which is verified with wind tunnel experiment has assured the improvement of cooling efficiency with the further improvement of aerodynamic efficiency and the enlargement of the air intake. The front bumper face and the aero bumper all car for the normal bumper car (the bumper fog lamp attaching car) the front bumper face kit of the OOOOOOO attaching which corresponds is set.
* Side skirt set
The body side the side skirt which rectifies the air current which flows, the kind of forum where the OOOOOO flows, furthermore has the effect which low is shown to the design which is the sense of security.
* Rear additional spoiler (carbon)
The standard ria the rear additional spoiler which jauntily is installed under Ra rectifies the wind which the ria jauntily passes by Ra lower part.
Decrease of lift and drag is assured, the optimum aerodynamic effect is actualized.
* Rear under spoiler
As furthermore the stirring impression the stylish body design which overflows is actualized by installing in the rear bumper, you produce rearview it tightens.

2. Functional part
* Sport sound muffler
The ・ dual type for 2.3 L which excludes " the SPORT ", " SPORT " private ・ dual type, 3 types of the ・ single type for 2.0 L which excludes " the SPORT " were set. Compared to it makes the good quality of the response of the new model MZR engine be prominent, it expresses the good quality of running with the sport sound whose being cut off is good. In addition, the silencer - inside there is no deterioration of the sound quality with aged deterioration in multi-stage expansion type almost, to enjoy, long term feeling good exhaust sound it is possible.
* Shock absorber -
(Front shock absorber - (RH & LH) / rear shock absorber -)
Securely the shock absorber which furthermore specializes the impression of being quality of the underside of the OOOOOO; -. Low attenuation power when inputting which it has an influence on riding comfort that way, by the fact that attenuation power at the time of high input such as winding travelling is strengthened, actualized the foot where the straddling which is the sense of security is strong. ("SPORT " and " SEDAN " business)
* Progressive spring set
20 - 30 mm with the low silhouette which is knocked down sporty it emphasizes, the shock absorber - with it actualizes the steering wheel response which has being cut off with set use and supports the driving in the higher-order origin. ("SPORT " and " SEDAN " business)
* Front strut bar (aluminum)
It connects the strut section left and right rigidly, raises body frontal rigidity. Displacement of the suspension support section with side G and the like is held down, direct the handling fee OOOOOO; is raised.
* Sport seat private bracket (RH & LH)
It is the OOOOOO; private sport seat installation bracket.
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