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Mazdaspeed 6 Garage Sale

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Everything listed from my Mazdaspeed 6 is for sale. I want to keep it local for now so I wanted to keep it in the regional section. I am located in Plantation, FL

Off the car:
• CP-E HPFPump. I’ve had it on the car for about 2-3 weeks. Noticed a pretty big gain in acceleration. There is no more flat spot and it seems to pull to higher RPM. Very nice and necessary upgrade for anyone pushing big power. I already sent my core back to CP-E so if you buy this I will need your fuel pump. You bring your car to my house and I do the swap for free. So you also don’t have a core charge or any down time. Comes with CP-E documentation.
• TXS Test Pipe
• Cosworth Oil Pan Baffle (The last one ever sold by Focussport and Cosworth as far as I know)
• Custom 3” CAI that goes 3” from the fender (where the Cobb SF MAF housing is mounted) all the way to the turbo. Includes fittings for recirc (custom hose required unless you buy my synapse BOV too), boost control solenoid, and valve cover vent. It requires the battery tray and Honda sized battery that I currently have in my car. Weight savings from the factory lead pack are an added benefit. Getting this one from me will require you to trade me the metal base that the air box attaches to. I have everything else so you get to keep the rest of your intake system.
• Lotek Gauge Pod with 3 Defi Gauges (Boost, EGT, and Oil Pressure) and all sensors. Comes in a pre cut-up map box so you can keep yours in a box somewhere in case you ever go back to stock. Comes with the fittings I used to T the factory oil pressure sensor. You will need to buy a new crush washers for the EGT fitting (less than $10) and have your exhaust manifold drilled and tapped.
• AWR Front Endlinks
• Kartboy Exhaust Hangers for the regular 6. They will work on the Speed you will just be missing one of the rear muffler hangers (regular 6 uses 3, we use 4).
• Stock Fuel Rail
• Stock Fuel Injectors

Coming off the car ASAP:
• Koni Yellows/RPM K-Spec Combo (Pending buyer, on hold until August 3rd) – Just like it says. Best combo in my opinion, but I’m biased. This spring shock pairing along with my other suspension upgrades made this car carve corners. The way this one works is you drive to my house and I’ll do the swap between cars. You just take all my stuff and I take all yours then hand you a box with my stock springs in it. We’ll do it this way so there isn’t even spring compressing required.
• GT-Spec Trailing Arm Braces
• Whiteline RSB – Has some custom bushing mount spacers to center the bar and allow lock collars to be put on which keeps the bar from shifting side to side. The bushings also have grease fittings attached already so you can refill them anytime they squeak (A disadvantage of polyurethane bushings) It’s the adjustable one but I cut the soft setting off a while ago. Requires the swapping of your factory bushings (lost mine) you can keep your factory bar though.
• TWM Stage 2 SS with Base Bushings-Comes with a black carbon fiber vinyl shift boot that has silver stitching.
• Custom 2.5” single exhaust (Pending trader, on hold until August 3rd)-Free with the trade of your factory midpipe, you can keep the mufflers. Single 2.5 that follows a CP-E single path with one oval Magnaflow muffler. Sounds pretty damn good, especially with the hollowed out first cat I have and the Aero Turbine test pipe.

I will continue adding things as I remember I have them.

Here's some pics:

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Bump for all the parts for sale.
Still local only? Interested in several things and would like to know asap.
Hmm.. When you decide to ship..

dibs on:
Turbine Tech rear diff mount with bushings
Turbine Tech front engine mount
Whiteline RSB
Custom 2.5” single exhaust or maybe the CP-E when I have money

CP-E include resonater? is it LOUD?

Oh..and I'll drive 5 hrs to gainsville to swap exhaust.. if you have tools :D
Bump for list update.
I wanted to let anyone in the Central Florida area know that me and a few other members will be having a little install party in Tampa this Sunday. The potential traders for my suspension and 2.5" exhaust are both in the Tampa area and I will be stopping there on my way back from Gainesville. If you want to come out for some parts (and maybe some help installing it) now would be your chance. PM me if you are interested and what parts you want me to bring.
Let me know when you are willing to ship, i am interested in the Stage 2 SS with custom Shift Boot.....I really need on of those things
How match for GT-Spec Trailing Arm Braces ?
Please PM me
Id like to get the koni yellows + prings from you. Id like to get off these stock setup but cant use my HSDs... also want the oil pan baffle.
Here's a link to the install party info: Install Party

And the Koni's/K-Specs will be going to me. You others, feel lucky b/c had I had more money right now, ALL his suspension things would be going to me as well lol
How much do you want for the trailing arms and exhaust hangers?
I would consider driving down for some of this stuff if I knew some pricing. Can you email or post pricing for items on the list?
hey man, im in SC. you still have the Lotek with the gauges?? also how much for the HPFP?
I really want that gtspec trailing arm braces if you ever ship.
I really want that gtspec trailing arm braces if you ever ship.
This thread was from 2008
Damnit mang... My bad, I was just bouncing around the site.
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