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After throwing the idea around on the chat earlier I have decided to create a general interest thread on the topic of an official Mazd6 national meet. I did this with club3g last year and the year before, the location is in North Carolina in the mountains. US129 is a road that has 318 turns over an 11 mile stretch and is sought out by all sorts of motor heads throughout the year.

The way we did it was take off a week, allow enough time for travel The following was our agenda for last year:

Note All times listed below will be followed. If you want to caravan to the locations, there is a strong recommendation that you and your party show up on time. We will not wait for stragglers. If you are usually late, make sure you show up 30 minutes early. EVERYONE HAS BEEN WARNED!!!

Wednesday July 20th

Arrive in Gatlinburg throughout the afternoon to evening timeframe. Meet up with friends and get to know new ones. There is no set time for arrival.

Thursday July 21st

11 am - Take a group trip to Clingmans Dome. Great drive, great hike and awesome views. We will meet at the Smokey Mountains Visitor Center on the Gatlinburg side *Sugarlands Visitor Center*:

Sugarlands Visitor Center Location
Inside the park, 2 miles south of Gatlinburg on US-441.

*Clingmans Dome (Highest point in the Smokey Mountains and a kick ass drive up)* Great Smoky Mountains National Park - Clingmans Dome (U.S. National Park Service)

Friday July 22nd

Noon - Meet at the Sugarlands Visitor Center to head up to Cades Cove
Spend the day exploring Gatlinburg
7pm - Group dinner - Place to be determined...

*Side trip for those who want to hit up some of the roads. We will be taking a trip out to Cades Cove. Another great drive and awesome views.*
Great Smoky Mountains National Park - Cades Cove (U.S. National Park Service)

Saturday July 23rd

9am - Meet at the Sugarlands Visitors Center to head to the Dragon. Yes its early but it will take us about 1 hr to get to the dragon and there are some great places to stop for group pics. There will be a torque wrench, an air compressor and pressure gauge available to anyone for use. I can not guarantee that I will have the correct 'key' for your set of lug nuts, so be prepared and bring your own. You have been warned!

1030am - Take on The Dragon (Be prepared to spend the better portion of the day there. Deals Gap offers food, beverages, bathrooms, some souveniers and gas. Make sure you bring money with you).

7pm - Meet up for dinner. To be determined.

Sunday July 24th

10am - Breakfast and depart

Other than the above activities, the weekend is open to endless possibilities. You can enjoy:

Horseback Riding
Site Seeing downtown Gatlinburg
Eating Out downtown
Driving other roads
Chillen at the Cabin/Hotel

I would like to have it take place in the summer possibly June or July so that a majority of the members could make it without having school issues and of course we will need to move on it if there is enough interest that way there's no issues with jobs.

In order to do this I strongly take the club3g checklist seriously as the 318 turns won't be easy if you are not up to date on them.

Pre-MTOD Prep Checklist

Oil – Close to 5K mark on current Oil? Go for an early change.

Under Hood Check –Look for leaks, broken/worn engine mounts, worn plug wires

Transmission Oil – If near 2 years or 50K miles - Change

Brakes – Check Rotors and Pads – Have at least 50% left

Brake Fluid – If near 1 year or 25K miles – Change

Coolant – Mitsu recommends every 4 years from build date for a change, every 2 years would not hurt.

Tires – Tread level should be at least ½, check for uneven wear

Wheels – Check Torque on Lug Nuts. See Kevin (Special_K) to use his torque wrench.

Wipers – Replace blades if older – It could be quite wet at MTOD

Lights – Check all lights to verify operation

Battery – good condition, make sure is securely fastened

Suspension – Check all bushings for wear, replace as needed

Steering – Check for wear – replace anything questionable

Exhaust – Secure with no leaks, check mounts

Wheel Bearings – Check for excessive play

Running The Dragon even at the posted limit taxes all the systems on any car. 318 Turns in rapid succession will find the weaknesses if not attended to ahead of time. Please be sure to check you braking system well.

The best part of this trip is to get away from the computer screen and meet up with each other and get to know the faces behind the screen names and to see the wide variety of 6's and really notice the unique personality of each one and admire the builds that you've seen in person.

I will update this as needed with a list of those interested in attending.

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3. ....
4. ....
5. ....

To view their thread for the 2012 MTOD Click Here

For the Website that I got most of the information on last year's meet Click Here

The later of the 2 has much more information on what to bring, driving the dragon, and other information.
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