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mazda6 gets owned by a Solara !!!

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The Solara is just... faster.

What is there not right about it?

John :cool:
the solara's v6 i believe is a common swap motor into mr2's and the like. very powerful, especially with bolt-ons.

plus, he's comparing a mtx to an atx. a mtx mazda 6 with the same modifications has 25 more hp than an atx with the same mods. plus he had a passenger filming. plus the solara stock is rated 225, where the mazda is rated at (overrated) 220.

oh yeah.....

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damnit ... i thought the solara had a weaker engine !! .. i look stupid now .. lol .. but its still quite a whooping, such a big difference ?
I read the TOS when I signed up... I thought that there was no street racing posts allowed??
Not cool!

Street racing is for ricers.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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