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Hey everyone!

It is good to see the site picking up. It seems we are getting a few new members every day! I hope this site turns into the premier Mazda6 site around, I am sure it will!

Anyways..... If there is anyone here on the boards that knows for a fact they will be buying a Mazda6 this fall, and they live in the Southern California area, please get in touch with me if you are interested in letting us use your car to develop performance products with. You can see the list of cars that we need here:

We will develop a short ram intake, a cold air intake, headers, exhaust, an aftermarket MAF for it, and we will also test out various methods of tuning the engine (either with products already on the market, or we will develop our own).

Please contact me if you are interested in this.

[email protected]

We might be purchasing our own Mazda6, but we cant purchase two of them. So if we buy a 2.3L then we will need a 3.0L version to be loaned to us.

For those that have the 2.3L engine or will be buying the 2.3L engine, visit our site on a regular basis to watch the development and progress of our test Ranger 2.3L Duratec project. Gains seen from aftermarket mods on the Ranger should be duplicated on the FWD Version of the 2.3L engine. By the end of this year, we hope to have some hotter cams available for the engine which will really help the engine breathe. The stock heads on the 2.3L are good enough from the factory to support 240hp in race conditions of course. But that still leaves alot of room for mild to wild street applications. SO dont think that if you get the 2.3L you have a wimpy motor. We will have products out very soon for this engine that will make the 2.3L engine scream and really impress some people.


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Great stuff!

I thot you disappeared there for a second since we hadn't heard from you in a while. I'm sure if I was buying a 6, and was in the area, I'd surely let you mod away on her.

Keep us updated!
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