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I am having hesitation problems with my 2004 Mazda V6 sportsback (110k miles).

I recently went to Firestone to get an oil change, after that the car hesitates randomly when I accelerate, so it happens I would say maybe 1 in 5 times when I try to accelerate the car.
When I push down the accelerator it hesitates and the car jerks like the fuel is either not igniting completely or is not reaching the cylinders. As I keep my foot on the accelerator the car hesitates a few times then begins to accelerate.

I took it to PepBoys and had them do a diagnostic which they charged me ($90) for which I could have probably used to buy the computer with which is ridiculous.

The following codes came up:
PO302: Mis Fire 2 CYL
PO421: CAT
PO455: Evap Large Leak

The guy told me that I needed a new coil for the 2nd cylinder which is supposedly in the back of the car and would take around 7 hours to fix and cost me around $400. He said after we fix that then he can take a look at the other two problems.
I know that the CAT code was coming up for a year now because of the O2 sensor but the car has been driving fine until I got the oil change. I had them use high mileage oil and last time I used synthetic blend so I am not sure if this could have caused the issue also.

I would appreciate any help as I can't afford to spend that much money and don't know too much about cars.

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it is normally 2 hours labour to get access to the back of the engine in most mechanic shops. I would look at that spark plug before replacing the coil.

remember that if you spark plug are bruning quickly you should look into your preCAT, might be cloghed and thus burning your spark plugs
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