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Mazda reliability

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Surprised the 3 is the most reliable from Mazda and the least is the 6. Would have figured the other way around.

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The 3 has sold significantly more units than the 6, which adds to its overall percentage of reliable vehicles. Generally, people getting the 3 over the 6 are more timid drivers from my experience.
Probably all the electronic garbage in the higher-trim models.

My 6-Sport has had zero problems in 70,000 miles of driving, requiring only routine maintenance (and of course consumables, such as the tires!)
Probably all the electronic garbage in the higher-trim models.
Not sure what you mean here. The 3 comes in the same exact trim levels and has the same features but at a lower cost. If anything, there are more Touring and GT 3s sold than Touring and GT 6s.

Besides, more tech doesn't mean more repairs......look at Tesla. :)
My 2014 Touring is about to roll over 40k. Sounds like it might need brakes soon but other than that runs like a top.

It is even more strange since some models share the same engine.
The only thing ive heard from the 2014 6 models was some owners not happy with the transmission, but I didnt read anything major.
Keep in mind that they say they are only comparing four models from Mazda. The difference in best and worst could be negligible. And from what I remember reading in CR's auto issue, even the "worst" 6 was given a rating of above average reliability, and recommended by them :)
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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