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Hey everone I know this a little short notice but I set this up on Mazda247, so here goes:

OK everyone this is it! This Saturday June 12th, starting about 3:00 and we will hang at till sevenish depending on how many people come out. I am going to post the meet on Mazda6 and 6Crew forums today Below is a map:Driving Directions | Yelp

We are meeting at the far parking lot, its a triangle boardered by 270 and Westlake Terrace. If you use the hybrid or satelite view, you will see all the buses parked there. We will be out of the way so mall police wont be trippin. I will try to get there early maybe by 2:30. Shoot me an email if you have a problem on meet day finding the spot. I will assume that since this is the 21 centrury everyone has a smart phone and can send and recieve mail. lol.. See you all there!
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