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Mazda Craze??

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Ok, so the lil lady and I got our Mazda quite a few months back. Used, but exemplary. Love it. Anyways, we recently moved about two months ago and smiled as we noticed our neighbors cars (we live in apartments currently). After parking in our stall for about a month low and behold, two new mazdas spring up.

A sepang green Mazda 6, and a light bluish Mazda 3. So now the first four stalls in our parking section are:
Seapang Mazda 6
Steel Grey Subie STI
our 04 6s MTX Performance white with graphics
and the blue mazda3...

I wonder if the Subie feels outta place. :nana:
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My roommate just bought his first car;
A used Protege ES (2.0L, 5spd, all the trimmings).

Nothing like <strike>corrupting</strike> bringing more people into the Mazda family.
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