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The Mazda Club of Kansas City

History : Origionally the Kansas City Mazda 6 Club, the Mazda Club of Kansas City
formed out of desire to have more members to meet, talk with and share information.
The club since its beginnings has been around since Mid 2008 and is still going strong.

Currently : The Mazda Club of Kansas City boats many members compared to our
small and humble beginnings. Each day brings us new faces and new cars to check out
and drool over. From turbo'd Mazdaspeeds to Mazda 5 vans, everyone has gotten that
zoom-zoom feaver. With members from Wichita to Columbia we have a large owner
base in the midwest.

The Future : We as a whole strive to reach out to all owners in and around the kansas city area.
We are jsut beginning to tap into the people and cars of this area, as well as the businesses
who could profit from such a large network of faithful owners.

Here is our most recent newsletter!

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