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I was wondering if any other club member knows much about this model of car. It is a little unusual as in.
6 Speed Manual - ( I was told by Mazda dealership that 6 speed manual were only on the turbo cars.
Front Disks and Suspension + 18 inch Mazspeed Mags from factory.
( Turbo Car spec )
Boze Stereo System, with TV and Satnav
Music Hard drive
( Japanese )
Electric seats, with leather and cloth.
Electric Sun Roof

Every time I have had my car serviced
The young mechanics all want to buy it.
But I cannot let it go, as it is such a reliable car. I have owned it 8 Years and have only done standard servicing.
Wheel Car Tire Vehicle Automotive lighting

Land vehicle Car Vehicle Hood Automotive battery

Car Speedometer Trip computer Vehicle Gear shift

Tire Wheel Automotive tire Motor vehicle Synthetic rubber
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