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Mazda 7 out of 30 of Consumer Reports "Best Brands"

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Mazda ranked 7 out of 30 of Consumer Reports "Best Brands"

**Warning - the first page has a video so turn down your sound if you're reading at work :grin2:

America?s best (and worst) car brands

1. Audi
2. Porsche
3. Lexus
4. Subaru
5. BMW
6. Buick
7. Mazda

"Mazda is the first automaker in the top 10 to have all of its models recommended along with better than average predicted reliability. Its overall score ties Buick at 74 and the Japanese brand actually has a lower road test score at 74. But it can claim that 100 percent of its models are recommended."
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Always look at this report every year and wow... Lexus is starting to lose grip on their lofty perch. They always used to be in the top spot.... now 3rd. Goes to show how Subaru and Audi are on fire. Conversely, Mazda slipped a few points down to 7th. They were 2nd last year.
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