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I have been in contact with TWM for the past year trying to get a piece made for our car that will do what the bolt mod happy to say that they have finally released the finished part....those that have an STS NEED THIS PART!!! It reduces the stress placed on the cables and allows for smoother more precise shifting...

the gb can be found here

mods please dont delete this im just trying to get the word out so that those with the STS can get the fix

for more info on the part look here

and here

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I personally bought this and installed it as soon as I got it in today. The difference is definitely noticeable. The first thing youll notice is the smooth transition from first to second and it is noticibly smoother shifts throughout all the gears and also down shifting. Second to third is also better. All in all, it is a good cheap mod to better shifting esp if you have to drive in traffic
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